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Our kitchens are designed to incorporate all your cooking and storage needs. They also have a variety of options in materials and finishes. They are factory made and, therefore, come with precise dimensions. The installation process of our kitchens is hassle-free.

A civil kitchen is made at the site. The partitions are made of stone. These types of kitchens involve a lot of construction work at the site. Modular kitchens are made from modules that can be assembled and dismantled easily. 

We can offer parallel, straight, U-shaped, C-shaped and island kitchens, depending on your kitchen layout. We also offer different kitchen themes in our line of kitchens. We can customise the kitchen to suit your personality.

We have shutters in nine materials with a variety of colours and finishes (high gloss or matt). You may visit the Shutters section on our website for more details.

We provide cabinet options in marine ply and MDF. Marine ply is known for water resistance and MDF is not subject to bending or warping. Our standard cabinets are finished in frosty white laminate.

We offer warranties on our products, as well as a maintenance service to ensure your kitchen is always in good condition. We provide a five-year manufacturing defect warranty on our kitchens and a one-year Annual Maintenance Contract.

The kuti Construction And Decor Pvt.Ltd Company works an designing construction and decoration providing a new technological platform steel,prefab or a mixed design concept to complete a house.

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